01. The police have been [probing] into the suspicious death of a senior executive of the bank.
02. The questionnaire asks some very personal, [probing] questions which I consider to be an invasion of privacy.
03. The surgeon [probed] the organ for any signs of cancerous cells.
04. The brain of the patient was examined using a fiber-optic [probe].
05. Search parties [probed] the bushes for signs of the missing child.
06. A [probe] sent onto the surface of the planet has found what looks to be possible signs of life.
07. Both American and Soviet spacecraft have dropped [probes] into the atmosphere of the planet Venus.
08. Mr. Spock used a Vulcan mind [probe] to find out what Captain Kirk had been through while he was being held as a prisoner of the Klingons.
09. President Jimmy Carter once observed that if you fear making anyone mad, then you ultimately [probe] for the lowest common denominator of human achievement.
10. A small rocket was launched into space to [probe] atmospheric conditions.
11. The astronauts sent a robot down to the surface of the planet to [probe] for alien life forms.
12. The witness was visibly disturbed by the lawyer's [probing] questions.
13. In 1996, data sent back to earth by the Galileo space [probe] indicated there may be water on one of Jupiter's moons.
14. In 2004, German scientists [probing] global warming said they had detected a noticeable increase in temperatures in the Arctic Ocean.
15. The space [probe] discovered numerous channels on Mars that closely resemble dry riverbeds on Earth.

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